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Automobile: what if you favor renting rather than buying?


This is, unlike a real estate investment, the main pitfall linked to the purchase of a car: it devalues ​​the very moment you turn the ignition key for the first time. On average, a new model loses 25% of its value in its first year of use alone. After four years, everything depends on the manufacturer, but a BMW will still be worth 50% of its list price, while a Fiat will only be worth 35 to 40%. And if we add routine maintenance, gasoline, tolls and insurance, then the budget is scary. It was thus around 710 euros per month (i.e. 8,500 euros per year), depreciation over four years included, for the Peugeot 3008 Feline finish of Marc and Pauline. “We sold it a year ago, to rely on alternative solutions such as Autolib’,

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Of course, to be like this couple, it is better to live and work in a big city, without having to travel more than 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers per year. Under these conditions, as our simulations below show, such riders can indeed save 30 to 35% on their annual transport budget. A valid lesson if you have been driving a new car so far, even negotiated with a discount of 8 to 10% at the dealership. But also if you prefer to buy a used vehicle instead. And for that there is no need to confine oneself to public transport (allow barely sixty euros per month in Lyon, ten more in the Paris region) or carpooling (expect a weekly budget of 20 to 30 euros in BlaBlaCar, for a daily center-suburb round trip),

Car-sharing solutions, which allow you to continue driving alone in your cabin, are constantly improving. Among them, we already know Autolib’, thanks to which the rental of an electric vehicle costs only 290 euros per month, energy included, for a journey of one hour per day, 20 times a month. Solution which has the additional advantage of putting an end to parking problems. But this precursor is now seriously challenged by other manufacturers, anxious to preserve their sales figures and attract a young clientele. This is how Nissan has been offering, since March, Get & Go, a formula allowing the use of a Micra to be shared between two and five drivers, in Paris and in the Paris region. Originality of the service, an application allows the vehicle to be unlocked, while it is possible to refuel thanks to a card, then distributing the note between users. Cost announced for the formula with four drivers (ideal, because allowing to drive on average one day per week and one weekend per month): only 87 euros monthly, insurance and maintenance included, within a limit of 15,000 kilometers per year. A price that rises to 115 euros per month for three drivers, and 173 euros for two.

Not very far therefore, by adding a gasoline budget, the monthly cost of our Autolib’. As well as the brand new long-term rental offer launched in April by BlaBlaCar. For the time being reserved for its 300,000 most frequent members, it allows you to use an Opel Corsa alone, this time within the limit of 20,000 kilometers per year, for only 184 euros per month, again in an all-inclusive version ( assistance and maintenance included, against a four-year commitment). Invoice that it is possible to reduce by 20 euros the months when the vehicle is used for carpooling… A Peugeot 308 and a Volkswagen Polo are also available, at the respective rates of 288 and 195 euros per month. Note: we have voluntarily excluded from our comparisons the rental formulas with option to buy ( LOA), currently very fashionable among manufacturers. Because these offers, which make it possible to acquire the vehicle after a certain time, often cost more to use than the purchase on credit it

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