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Buying a rental car the risks and benefits


The disadvantages of rental cars

As with any car purchased used , mileage is a major criterion at the time of purchase. Cars resold in the rental sector can come from rentals:

Short-lived, mostly small or medium displacement cars that have a maximum.
Long-lasting, mainly sedans, SUVs and crossovers, which have a maximum.       .
Admittedly, it is difficult to know how these cars rented to successive drivers were treated. For cars coming from long-term contracts, it is often the higher than average mileage that could deter the prospective buyer.

Another negative aspect: the frequent holes in the maintenance book of rental cars . In most cases, they are due to the fact that short-term rental companies most often take charge of the maintenance of their car fleet. This does not mean that the rental car has been poorly maintained. On the contrary, the lessor has every interest in preserving his investment.

If you’re skeptical, be aware that most older rental cars on sale come with a 6-12 month warranty.

Last drawback: the sales centers that sell rental cars are rare and generally concentrated in Paris and the big cities. It is therefore often necessary to travel to try the car.

Did you know that there is rental car insurance ? Think about it before subscribing.

Buying an old rental car does not only have disadvantages. You can indeed find a recent second-hand car in the rental sector at a very competitive price. This is the main advantage of buying this kind of vehicle.

The price of an older rental car is often lower than its rating. If the high mileage can impose this discount, the attractive price is mainly due to the fact that rental companies benefit from preferential rates when purchasing vehicles . These professionals are also fully aware that the purchase of one of their old rental cars is accompanied by a certain reluctance on the part of potential buyers.

Is the only argument of the price sufficient? In fact everything depends on the shelf life of this car:

If you plan to only keep it for a short time, buying an old rental car can be a good deal.
If you plan to keep it for several years, opt for a leasing car which has the advantage of having had only one owner and has generally been well maintained.
Renting a car can be a practical solution during your vacation. But it requires a minimum of vigilance concerning the auto insurance contract, in particular the deductibles applied in the event of a claim, under penalty of heavy expenses in the event of material damage. lesfurets explains to you.
In the majority of cases, the rented vehicle is insured by the rental company. No bonus-malus can therefore be attributed to you. A situation that certainly seems advantageous, but that will not necessarily please your next car insurer. Explanations.

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