commercial vehicles

Business activity generally involves the use of commercial vehicles


Business activity generally involves the use of commercial vehicles, intended to perform several tasks. Not only are these company cars used to transport goods , but they can also be used for delivery for professionals. Not all cars are suitable for becoming commercial vehicles, these have their own characteristics.


A light utility vehicle is one that is used for professional reasons and has a weight equal to or greater than 3.5 tonnes. Its large loading capacity allows it to transport large quantities of goods or equipment. It only has 2 or 3 places in the front and the rear is reserved for goods. Moreover, the forward cabin and the storage space must be separated by a partition. It exists in several forms, namely:

It should be noted that this type of commercial vehicle benefits from a tax exemption which has been in force since 2019: it is exempt from TVS or tax on company light commercial vehicles intended for the transport of goods.

It essentially fulfills two roles:

the transport of materials: in business or during a move, a utility vehicle is very useful for transporting boxes. Economical and fast, it is an excellent way to transport objects safely and in large quantities from one place to another thanks to its large storage capacity;

the transport of people: in the case for example of a medical evacuation or in the context of military conflicts, the utility car can be used to transport several people. On the other hand, it is necessary to know how to differentiate the utility vehicle from a passenger vehicle. The latter is called a “private vehicle” exclusively intended to transport people.

Find a commercial vehicle rental and purchase company

Entrepreneurs may see their business expand and need to make logistical arrangements accordingly. In this case, it is better to turn to companies specializing in the rental and purchase of utility vehicles . Not only do we have a wide range of vehicles available, but the cars offer guarantees that ensure the future owner great ease of use over the long term. The purchase of the vehicle gives the possibility of reclaiming the VAT and the rental company often takes care of the administrative part of the transaction.

the benefits of buying a new vehicle

The greatest advantage of a new vehicle lies in this state of novelty. The parts are guaranteed for a long period of use (from two to seven years) without major problems. In addition, in the event of a breakdown, the warranty applies so that the owner can have the vehicle repaired without heavy expense. Then, a new vehicle can be resold at a better price than a used vehicle. Even when buying, you can watch for promotions in order to benefit from a reduced price that will approach the price of a used car a few years old. Finally, buying a new vehicle offers the possibility of being tailor-made for your type of activity.

The benefits of buying used

Price is the deciding factor that drives people to opt for the second hand. It is possible to save money and invest in something else when buying a used utility vehicle. If your budget does not yet allow you a new SUV, this is the ideal solution for you. In addition, used vehicles are readily available.

Balance sheet

Buying new or used, the choice is often difficult insofar as each case has its advantages. However, since it will be a vehicle that will undergo a great workload, it is preferable to opt for the purchase of new vehicles in order to have a good profit. A used car is a more economical option, but you have to be careful of scams and find out very well about the liabilities of the old vehicle to avoid unpleasant surprises, major repairs and hidden defects.

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