Automotive detailing

Automotive detailing everything you need to know about this concept


My car needs detailing! My vehicle has regained its shine thanks to the detailing! Do you often hear about automotive detailing without understanding anything about it? Do you feel a bit left out of the news? Do not panic. Here’s everything you need to know about this concept that is winning over vehicle owners.

What is detailing?

Born in the United States of America, automotive detailing has spread to Europe and France in particular. It is a set of car cleaning activities using specialized products and tools . The concept has grown to the point of becoming today an exceptional profession in the car industry. To embrace this profession, you can follow a fast and affordable detailing training . The very careful methods and procedures used in car detailing allow the car to be improved and restored to the smallest detail . This also involves the painting aspect. Scratches, micro-scratches, hologramsand other imperfections caused by time are taken care of. A small precision nevertheless: these various tasks carried out on the car do not take into account the mechanical side nor the repair of painting, although light works of aesthetic renovation can be undertaken.

How is automotive detailing done?

As you might expect, interior detailing solely revolves around deep cleaning the entire cabin of the vehicle . Meticulously, the professional washes the carpets, seats, ceiling, etc. Using a vacuum cleaner, he removes all dirt, stains and dust. This protects the interior of the vehicle from contamination. The engine compartment is also subject to strict cleaning, which consists of polishing and degreasing using appropriate brushes and products . Likewise, the surface of windows, plastics and vinyl are treated with special tools.

Exterior detailing

Exterior detailing concerns the cleaning of bodywork and other components found outdoors. Here, the various treatments applied allow the vehicle to regain its original appearance. All tasks are carried out according to a precise and rigorous method. Washing the body aims to rid the car of any impurities. To achieve near perfection, the detailer uses dedicated products and a process called the two bucket technique . After washing the bodywork, the detailer decontaminates the vehicle by removing resins, limestone, road film and others. Finally, he moves on to polishing and protecting the car.

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