eco friendly electric car

The future of the eco friendly electric car


With the case of paintings sprayed, statues vandalized and events disrupted, environmental activism continues around the world. After all, the urgency is there. Global warming kills. In fact, pollution is responsible for more than 9 million deaths each year. A dramatic finding that leads to the adoption of new attitudes. That’s why many people are taking the plunge and buying an electric vehicle.

Break down the prejudices

At the beginning of the electric car, this type of vehicle lacked autonomy. It’s normal. The technology was not yet advanced enough to present truly effective models. Nevertheless, today, the progress is remarkable. For example, some display more than 500 km. A great feat, which rivals traditional engines. Thus, the Mercedes EQE exceeds 660 km on the clock and the BMW i 4,590 km. Charging stations are accessible and numerous and their price is not always as high as you think.

Save money

It may seem impossible, but it is absolutely true. Gasoline or diesel have fluctuating prices. However, electricity is not taxed in the same way as these fuels. When you recharge your car, the rising bill is therefore lower. Moreover, you can install a terminal at home or use public spaces.

Undeniable comfort

Electric models enjoy a good reputation and fortunately. Some brands have made it their specialty. With its futuristic design, straight out of a science fiction movie, the Tesla Model Y lease is a miracle of technology. It starts with a quarter turn, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2 and a half seconds. The “falcon” doors open vertically, with a very interesting battery. Indeed, depending on the Tesla you choose, it can easily exceed 500 km of autonomy.

Take action on the environment

The electric vehicle produces few polluting emissions, which is why it is preferable to opt for an ecological version. “Fossil” energies are not unlimited. The resources of the planet are stripped by big corporations. Moreover, political tensions between countries are not improving. For example, the French have understood just how much power Russia has over gasoline. The price ignites and life becomes significantly more expensive. Thus, you gain independence. Finally, you no longer have to spend on fuel purchases.

No traffic restrictions!

Moreover, the electric car is really very practical. Why ? Because it emits few chemical pollutants. This is why your car is not subject to restrictions in large cities like Paris. During pollution peaks, drivers are called upon to respect government-dictated press releases. So you can move around freely, without having to worry about measurements related to traditional motors. The ZFEs are multiplying : Bordeaux, Greater Paris and Lyon are setting up pellet systems… However, this will not concern you, if you have chosen the electric car.

Undeniable advantages for hybrid vehicles

Finally, the electric vehicle is almost silent. This greatly improves the quality of life. In the city, your car almost slips on the road. It is very pleasant. Noise pollution has a huge impact on well-being and stress. In addition, these vehicles have parts that hold up better over time. They are very easy to maintain models, quite simply. Finally, the State offers tax benefits, including the conversion bonus. These aids strongly encourage people to adopt the electric car. Opt for the future. Make the right decision!

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