Air conditioning in the car

Air conditioning in the car: why anticipate this summer


Air conditioning is a set of systems that cool the air, especially during the summer. Thus, it has the effect of keeping the air fresh inside your car, while providing a pleasant feeling to its occupants. However, it is necessary to maintain the air conditioning so that it can ensure its proper functioning. Nevertheless, you should also use it a few times in winter to avoid a breakdown.

Air conditioning in the car: for more comfort

Air conditioning systems provide more comfort and safety . Indeed, thanks to air conditioning, you can drive safely and avoid the risk of drowsiness caused by the heat . In addition, it keeps the ventilation away from dust, impurities, bad odors and allergens, such as pollen. The car air conditioner is very useful, especially when the temperature becomes unbearable , because it helps improve the quality of the air inside.

Installation of car air conditioning

A priori, the installation of air conditioning in the car requires the intervention of a professional . Indeed, the installation of an air conditioner requires certain skills in mechanics, because of the various elements which compose it, such as the condenser, the evaporator, the compressor. Each of its elements contributes to the general proper functioning of automobile air conditioning, which justifies the intervention of a professional.

How to use car air conditioning?

Even if the heat inside the car becomes unbearable, it is not advisable to turn the air conditioner on full blast, as this may damage your windshield. Instead , the interior of the car should be cooled with ambient air to lower the temperature. Once the temperature drops, you can adjust the air conditioning. When the temperature is very high in summer, it is possible to activate the recycling of your ventilation. This keeps the heat down and lets in fresh air . In addition, this system can limit your energy consumption during the heat wave. It should be noted that the driver must always turn off the air conditioning before stopping.

The advantages of air-conditioned vehicles

How do you maintain your car’s air conditioning?

It is best to service the air conditioning every two years. Moreover, this is the way to guarantee the proper functioning of its various elements, including the vehicle engine. On the other hand, its maintenance is necessary to preserve the health of users. Here are the instructions to follow for the maintenance of an air conditioning:

in summer, it is advisable to turn on the air conditioning for at least 10 minutes ;
recharge the air conditioning circuit during each service ( every 2 years );
change the cabin filter ( every 2 years ).

What is the cost of air conditioning maintenance?

Generally, the price of maintenance varies according to the type of intervention. To recharge the refrigerant gas, it takes at least between 60 euros and 80 euros , depending on the mechanics. In addition, the price of changing the compressor can be between 450 euros and 550 euros .

Why do you have to recharge the air conditioning of a car?

To ensure the air conditioning inside the vehicle, it is preferable to refill the refrigerant fluid. In the event that your car’s air conditioning no longer produces fresh air , you must recharge it immediately . Note the air conditioning must be recharged every three years at most. In addition, the gas must be changed regularly to ensure the proper functioning of your air conditioning.

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